ADORA enables contact-free presentation of patient's information during surgical procedures by providing seamless natural user interface experience for physicians.

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ADORA™ is dedicated to surgeons. It helps you both outside and inside the operating room. Using natural gestures, surgeons are in full control of all the patient's scans, while maintaining a sterile environment.

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Reduces anesthesia time

Anesthesia can be very dangerous for the patient. It can cause harmful side effects like nausea, dizziness and muscle aches, but in extreme cases anesthesia can be fatal. Shorter surgeries decrease patient's risk of harm while being in anesthesia.

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Shortens surgery time

If the surgeon wants to view the patient’s data, he has to leave the sterile field to access the wall PC and before he can return to the patient, he has to disinfect himself. With ADORA the surgeon can view the patient's data while staying inside the sterile field and save precious time.

Lower surgery costs

During disinfection the surgeon has to replace gloves, surgical coat and other medical supplies are thrown away. ADORA reduces consumption of medical supplies, which lowers operational costs and helps preserving the environment.

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Less Stress for Doctors

Longer surgeries and increased patient's time in anesthesia cause additional stress for the surgeons and increase chances for mistakes. Our solution shortens the duration of surgeries which indirectly reduces stress for the doctors.

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Safer Patient Care

During operations lack of patient data can lead to mistakes, wrong medical treatment or even death. ADORA provides an easy and efficient way of viewing and selecting patient data, which provides a safer patient care before, during and after surgery.

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Enviromental Friendly

Surgeon disinfects himself using a special brush, soap and water. During this process a lot of water is wasted, which can't be reused. Our solution reduces water and medical supply consumption and helps preserving the environment.

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ADORA - Designed and built with doctors, for doctors.

New partneship
We are proud to be a member of SECTRA Clinical Solutions Network
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ADORA at Arab Health 2017
Together with our partner ADVANTECH we had a joint exhibition booth in the SHEIKH SAEED HALL at Arab Health 2017 in Dubai.
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ADORA rewarded silver in Switzerland
ADORA won excellend second place at Zimmer Biomet Connected Health Innovation Award.
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Approved with a CE mark
Touchless Medical Image Software Management for Surgeons, has been assessed and certified according to European Medical Device Directive.
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prof. PhD.

Bogdan Čizmarević, MD

University Medical Center Maribor

This is doctor Bogdan - a doctor in 2nd largest medical centre in Slovenia. He makes up to ten complex operations a week. He loves his work, being a surgeon means having our lives in his hands. So it’s natural he wants to minimize all the risk possible. That is why he uses ADORA.

"Before ADORA I had to memorize a medical image. If I wanted to view other medical images I lost precious time because I had to leave the operating field. With the simple use of ADORA this is no longer needed. I can adjust image to view more details while staying next to the patient."

"By using ADORA there is no need to wait for a non-sterile nurse to become available. I have fast and reliable access to patient information on the spot and there is no need to leave the sterile field and risk a surgical site infection."

assist. prof. PhD.

Igor Movrin, MD

University Medical Center Maribor

"With the help of ADORA the surgery process becomes more fluent. I can prepare for a surgery anywhere, and only the preselected data is available during surgery, so there is no information overload and I can focus on the only things that matters the most - the patient."

Jaka Košar, MD

University Medical Center Maribor

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