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photo by Messe Duesseldorf

1. It’s the world’s largest Medical trade fair

Held in the Düsseldorf exhibition centre every November, Medica is visited by over 128,000 visitors. It consists of a Trade fair, forums and conferences. The trade fair has over 4800 exhibitors coming from various medical fields. At the same time as the trade fair, MEDICA offers five forums and 6 conferences to it’s visitors. Making it the world’s largest medical trade fair.

2. International exhibitors and visitors


photo by Messe Duesseldorf

MEDICA is a very international trade fair, both by visitors and by exhibitors alike.

47% of all visitors are German. The other 53% are from 120 countries around the world. Around 80% of all visitors are from the EU. The 20 % that are not from the EU are in a small majority from Asia (51%) followed by North America (18%), Africa (16%), South and central America (12%) and Australia (3%).

On the other hand, only 22% of exhibitors are German, the other 78% come from abroad. They come from 68 countries around the world.

3. Plenty of exciting new opportunities


photo by Messe Duesseldorf

Being the biggest medical trade fair MEDICA focuses on specific topics tailored for it’s visitors. These include:  

  1. Electromedicine/ Medical Technology
  2. Laboratory Equipment
  3. Diagnostics
  4. Physiotherapy/ Orthopaedic Technology
  5. Commodities and Consumer Goods
  6. Information and Communication Technology
  7. Medical Services and Publications

4. Make business


photo by Messe Duesseldorf

MEDICA is perfect for getting in touch with potential distributors and establishing a long lasting relationship.

From the 128,240 visitors of the trade fair in 2014, the main visitor target groups were:

  1. General practitioners
  2. Clinicians including hospital doctors, nursing staff, technical managers,
  3. Hospital managers
  4. Hospital nursing staff
  5. Hospital technical managers
  6. Laboratory managers

It is also worth mentioning that 97% of exhibitors expressed extreme satisfaction with the business they achieved and the contacts they made.

5. Share your brand


photo by Messe Duesseldorf

One of the most important things for companies to do is to share their brand. It is no different for medical companies. The more people know about you and what you have to offer to them and to the world, the more business you will get. MEDICA is the perfect place to showcase it, the international visitors will see your brand and what you can offer.

6. See what others are doing


photo by Messe Duesseldorf

At the trade fair you will see many new products and inventions. It is a perfect chance to see what others are doing.

Since it is the biggest medical trade fair in the world, it is a must go for industry leaders. You will get a chance to come face to face with the biggest names of the industry.

7. Meet ADORA

Get ahead by meeting the innovative team behind ADORA and see how touchless navigation with gestures can improve your surgery process. We will be presenting together with ADVANTECH at a joined stand in Hall 15 / C14.

Come visit us, and see surgical room equipment of the future. Schedule a meeting and a private try out session by writing to this address:

See you in Düsseldorf!

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