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New partnership

We are proud to be a member of SECTRA Clinical Solutions Network. SECTRA is a world leader within medical imaging IT and one of the fastest growing PACS companies with thousands of workstations installed in over 60 countries. The membership is another recognition of ADORA solutions’ advantages for surgeries worldwide.

Savings using medical imaging technology

Medical imaging technology is now the standard of care, enabling more targeted disease detection, diagnosis and treatment, and eliminating the need for invasive or exploratory surgeries. Advanced imaging enables patients to get the right diagnosis or therapy at the right time, resulting in better health outcomes at lower costs.

Beyond the life-saving impact of medical imaging, researchers have also found that it saves money in the long-run. Every $1 spent on inpatient imaging correlates to approximately $3 in total savings, and according to researchers at Harvard Medical School, every $385 spent on imaging decreases a patient’s hospital stay by one day, saving approximately $3,000 per patient.

Value added by ADORA Assistant™

ADORA solutions are a perfect add-on to SECTRA PACS Visualization for surgeries using medical images during the operating procedure. With the pre-operative planning tool ADORA HealthSuite™ surgeon can select and study the patient’s medical images from the local PACS and other sources well before the surgery procedure. During the procedure, she can easily examine the preloaded data using the ADORA Assistant™ touchless viewer. The quality of surgery using ADORA solutions is therefore much improved.

Already active SECTRA integrations

ADORA solutions integrate seamlessly with PACS from leading vendors. Recent installation of ADORA in Galeazzi Hospital in Milan (see photo below) is a perfect example of a smooth integration with Sectra PACS.

ADORA Assistant™ performing spinal surgery in Galeazzi Clinic

Spinal surgery at Galeazzi Clinic using touch-less medical image navigation


Have You Tried ADORA Assistant™?

Have you tried hands-free operating room equipment before? We’d be happy to tell you more about it. If you’re curious about ADORA, send us an email: and let’s talk! If you want you can read more about how ADORA Solutons Benefit Everyone Involved.

More information:
Damjan Rotar, Head Of Business Development ADORA, Tel.: +386 51 602 190


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