n the operating theater, tools will generally perform the way they’re supposed to, but there can be complications stemming from factors in between. A scalpel will reliably cut, but a problem can arise from improper sterilization. Similarly, medical professionals carry out their jobs with the utmost precision, but one of the biggest pitfalls is in the space between them—communication.

An exhaustively researched, peer-reviewed study by the British Medical Journal found that lack of communication was the primary factor contributing to complications from surgery. The study laid out how better communication at every stage of the surgical process was crucial for improving not only patient safety, but the working process for hospital staff.

Good communication in the operating room is important, and can be achieved with both improved technology and the implementation of best practices. Here are ways to prevent communications failure in the operating room, for the sake of patients and staff.

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Physician retention is one of the greatest challenges of every hospital. Globally, doctor turnover is high in numbers with up to 25% of physicians quitting their job within three years of being hired. Additionally, the price of having to recruit new and capable doctors and especially specialized ones, such as surgeons, is also high. It ranges between tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single doctor.

Retaining them, on the other hand, has been shown to generate profits for hospitals that are in the millions. Not to speak of the benefits for a hospital’s culture and environment to have motivated and professional employees. Given these numbers and the financial and overall damage that hospitals sustain when physicians leave, what can hospital management do to retain doctors?

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According to CNN, Dubai is “the world’s plastic surgery hub.” To reach this conclusion, the news giant quotes a study by the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society that found that there are 56 plastic surgeons for each million Emiratis. For the sake of comparison, there are 20 plastic surgeons per million citizens in the United States.

Situated in the heart of the Persian Gulf, and a travel hub that’s usually just a quick flight from anywhere in Europe, Asia, or Africa, Dubai is a natural location for many of the world’s best plastic surgery practitioners. In order to succeed in this market, it’s essential to know what makes the top competition so competitive. Check out the secrets of the best 7 best plastic surgery clinics in Dubai.

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