Change the way your hospital works

  • Increase performance and ROI on operations
  • Increase patient care and patient satisfaction
  • Reduce patient recovery costs by eliminating a large percentage of surgical site infections
  • Minimize number of surgical complications and the stress to your professionals
  • Optimize operating room turnover time
  • Make surgical planning more efficient and optimize workload
  • Increase hospital revenue and profit, and realize your managerial vision

Have healthier and happier patients

  • Increase the success rate of operations and reduce stress on patients
  • Increase your patients’ sense of security and trust in your hospital and staff
  • Increase patient care and wellbeing by investing in innovative healthcare solutions
  • Manage patient flow more efficiently and reduce surgery waiting times

Inspire and support your surgeons

  • Help your professionals build up greater expertise and confidence
  • Reduce unnecessary stress and eliminate some of the causes of burnout
  • Provide surgeons with greater control in the operating room
  • Help your staff plan and execute operations in a more professional way
  • Motivate your experts to grow and become leaders in their field

Change the way your hospital works.

Through ADORA HealthSuite you offer your surgical professionals:

  • A comprehensive, easy to use application with extensive capabilities
  • The possibility to plan and prepare for surgeries in great detail
  • A convenient overview of patient records
  • The option to highlight important information for use during surgery
  • A fast, agile and smart system that is easily integrated with existing hospital systems at minimal costs

During surgery ADORA Assistant:

  • Helps surgeons make the right decisions
  • Reduces the need for surgeons to memorize everything in advance
  • Provides quick and easy access to relevant and important patient data on the spot
  • Works through a gesture and voice command-based user interface that feels very natural
  • Cuts surgery and anesthesia time and costs
  • Effectively raises the quality of surgeries, patient safety and wellbeing

Improves the well-being of surgeons.

prof. PhD.

Bogdan Čizmarević, MD

University Medical Center Maribor

This is doctor Bogdan - a doctor in 2nd largest medical centre in Slovenia. He makes up to ten complex operations a week. He loves his work, being a surgeon means having our lives in his hands. So it’s natural he wants to minimize all the risk possible. That is why he uses ADORA.

"Before ADORA I had to memorize a medical image. If I wanted to view other medical images I lost precious time because I had to leave the operating field. With the simple use of ADORA this is no longer needed. I can adjust image to view more details while staying next to the patient."

"By using ADORA there is no need to wait for a non-sterile nurse to become available. I have fast and reliable access to patient information on the spot and there is no need to leave the sterile field and risk a surgical site infection."

assist. prof. PhD.

Igor Movrin, MD

University Medical Center Maribor

"With the help of ADORA the surgery process becomes more fluent. I can prepare for a surgery anywhere, and only the preselected data is available during surgery, so there is no information overload and I can focus on the only things that matters the most - the patient."

Jaka Košar, MD

University Medical Center Maribor