Thrill your clients and become their top choice

  • Impress your clients with innovative surgery technology
  • Raise the bar on patient care through expert work
  • Show your clients you are committed to their well-being by investing in innovative healthcare technology

Show that you value your top specialists

  • Provide working conditions that are no match to competitors
  • Attract the best professionals
  • Relieve your top surgeons from unnecessary stress
  • Give them greater control in the operating room
  • Inspire them to achieve better results and build their reputation
  • Show your staff you care for them

Increase your business’s efficiency and profitability

ADORA can help your business grow, develop and stand out. It will not only help you meet your clients’ needs more easily or satisfy your surgeons’ passion for perfection, but it can also help the clinic function more smoothly. By using ADORA you will be able to:

  • Plan operations well in advance and in a focused way
  • Minimize errors that influence patient health negatively and damage your business’s image
  • Optimize the workload and increase revenue

Thrill your clients and your top specialists.

ADORA HealthSuite web application:

  • Helps you plan all your operations - from beginning to end and in great detail
  • Provides a transparent overview of patients’ records
  • Helps highlight important information to be accessed during a surgery
  • Is easily integrated with other existing systems
  • Works together with ADORA Assistant to help you during procedures

Once you’re in the operating room, ADORA Assistant:

  • Helps you make the right decisions during highly complex procedures
  • Operates seamlessly and without delay through contact-free user interface
  • Has all the relevant information available, only a gesture or voice command away
  • Reduces overall surgery time and risks associated with long anesthesia time
  • Helps take plastic surgery to a new level and increases patient safety and satisfaction

Increase your business’s profitability.

prof. PhD.

Bogdan Čizmarević, MD

University Medical Center Maribor

This is doctor Bogdan - a doctor in 2nd largest medical centre in Slovenia. He makes up to ten complex operations a week. He loves his work, being a surgeon means having our lives in his hands. So it’s natural he wants to minimize all the risk possible. That is why he uses ADORA.

"Before ADORA I had to memorize a medical image. If I wanted to view other medical images I lost precious time because I had to leave the operating field. With the simple use of ADORA this is no longer needed. I can adjust image to view more details while staying next to the patient."

"By using ADORA there is no need to wait for a non-sterile nurse to become available. I have fast and reliable access to patient information on the spot and there is no need to leave the sterile field and risk a surgical site infection."

assist. prof. PhD.

Igor Movrin, MD

University Medical Center Maribor

"With the help of ADORA the surgery process becomes more fluent. I can prepare for a surgery anywhere, and only the preselected data is available during surgery, so there is no information overload and I can focus on the only things that matters the most - the patient."

Jaka Košar, MD

University Medical Center Maribor