From before the surgery to its successful completion - you are in control

  • Plan your surgery faster and more efficiently with Adora HealthSuite.
  • Retain control in the operating room at all times. Visualize and manipulate patient data on the spot and without delays.

Achieve better results and provide even better patient care

  • You can relax - no need to memorize patient data. Risk of errors is minimized.
  • You are with the patient. They are under your care throughout the whole operation.
  • You stay in the sterile environment. This eliminates the risk of surgical site infections.
  • You keep the patient under anesthesia only as long as what’s absolutely necessary.

You deserve better quality of work and personal life

Taking care of patients is the number one priority for every dedicated healthcare worker. And taking care of yourself is the proper reward for serving society.

Stress prevents us from growing and developing - both as professionals and as human beings. It influences physicians’ health and the overall quality of their life. The consequences of stress go beyond the workday or the clinic, and can affect your personal life and professional lives in deep ways.

With ADORA’s assistance:

  • You can focus on the case and the patient, and not on struggling with anxiety, stress and exhaustion
  • Enjoy the well-deserved feeling of professional accomplishment
  • Achieve greater clarity and peace of mind when making important decisions
  • Improve the quality of your work and life

Vital member of the surgical team.

ADORA HealthSuite web application:

  • Helps you plan an operation in all its stages
  • Offers you detailed insight into patient records in a comprehensive way
  • Helps sorting and highlighting important information for later use
  • Is easily integrated with existing hospital information systems
  • Speaks all standard medical languages
  • Connects with ADORA Assistant to assists you during the operation

Once you’re in the operating room, ADORA Assistant:

  • Has all the relevant patient data just as you’ve prepared it
  • Works through easy-to-use and contact-free user interface
  • Reacts instantly to gestures and voice commands
  • Makes your choices easier and eliminates factors of uncertainty
  • Makes leaving the sterile environment redundant
  • Reduces overall surgery time and anaesthesia time for patients

Improves the well-being of surgeons.

prof. PhD.

Bogdan Čizmarević, MD

University Medical Center Maribor

This is doctor Bogdan - a doctor in 2nd largest medical centre in Slovenia. He makes up to ten complex operations a week. He loves his work, being a surgeon means having our lives in his hands. So it’s natural he wants to minimize all the risk possible. That is why he uses ADORA.

"Before ADORA I had to memorize a medical image. If I wanted to view other medical images I lost precious time because I had to leave the operating field. With the simple use of ADORA this is no longer needed. I can adjust image to view more details while staying next to the patient."

"By using ADORA there is no need to wait for a non-sterile nurse to become available. I have fast and reliable access to patient information on the spot and there is no need to leave the sterile field and risk a surgical site infection."

assist. prof. PhD.

Igor Movrin, MD

University Medical Center Maribor

"With the help of ADORA the surgery process becomes more fluent. I can prepare for a surgery anywhere, and only the preselected data is available during surgery, so there is no information overload and I can focus on the only things that matters the most - the patient."

Jaka Košar, MD

University Medical Center Maribor